In its first version this was over 9 hours; to save you time, I compressed it to 6h30, in 43 sections. This is best consumed over the course of a few consecutive days.

My goal is to help you to improve your STAR answers using your best stories, in a 4 step process:

  • Section one: reasoning by analogy will help you to quickly and accurately find relevant stories for each principle.
  • Section two: general types of questions; outcome: your elevator pitch.
  • In section three, I'm using the examples from section one, in order to highlight behaviors to use and to avoid in your own answers.
  • Section four - more exercises to further improve the quality of your stories. Outcome: your stories, ready for the interview.

I perfectioned this method throughout the years, while helping & learning from some really smart people.

First, throughout my career, I've worked in both technical and non-technical roles.

Second. My experience coaching people for all major job categories has taught me an important lesson: anyone applying for such jobs should be able to qualify if an answer, including its depth, is for them. Some stories will be for mid-level roles while others will be for L7+ roles, while others will be for sales.

While it is true that many of these stories are from IT, I picked examples from a variety of industries. Furthermore, you have the option to generate examples for your own role.

from a candidate in Seattle - under Invent and Simplify

A side project of mine is to track potholes in the area by designing a reporting system using cameras mounted on garbage trucks; they would scan the road and using AI would find holes in the road, which would be reported to the city for review.