Key behaviors:

  • Conflict & Influence
  • Continuous Learning & Innovation
  • Prioritization & Speed
  • Failure Questions
  • Cutting through Ambiguity & Decision Making
  • Vision / Strategic Thinking
  • Results / Outcome Orientation
  • General Challenge
  • Elevator pitch. Why Meta / Facebook.

Methodology: quickly develop your story bank, using examples based on commonly asked questions on key behaviors, following the STAR (& I-SOAR-L, DIGSā„¢ etc..) format.

How long is it?

2h45 in 17 videos. Each video contains chapters for easier referencing - especially useful for revisions.

Also, I will be sending you a series of 10 emails, delivered daily, with additional tips and mistakes to avoid.

My goal is to help you to improve your STAR answers using your best stories:

  • Part one: reasoning by analogy will help you to quickly and accurately find relevant stories for key behaviors.
  • Parts 2 & 3: answering commonly asked questions, and general advice.